Although the game is playable in HTML5, if performance suffers Chronos highly recommends downloading for the optimal experience.


Movement: WASD - or - arrow keys. Controllers are supported, though some users have reported issues. See below.

There are 7 levels, each with 7 pixies.  Each level proceeds when the player collects all 7 pixies or looses all 7 health points.  There are 3 possible endings to the game. Can you achieve the best ending by capturing all 49 pixies?

Known Issues

  • Pixies occasionally flee to inaccessible places. This should be rare. If you experience it, please let us know on which level, and the approximate location. A screenshot would be helpful!
  • Controllers are supported and work without a problem on our test systems. However, some users have experienced conflicting inputs (manifesting as stuttering movement) between their controller and keyboard. If you experience this, unplugging your controller should enable you to play the game. Please report in the comments your platform and controller type. After the Jam, if there is interest, we try to solve this.


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Windows 17 MB
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Don't have a Controller hooked up while playing this game!


It is certainly not intentional! Does your movement stop or is it visual only? What platform are you on?

Thank you for reporting!

I'm on Windows 10


Out of curiosity, do you have a game controller plugged into you system? We do have basic controller support but it hasn’t been fully optimized and it may be conflicting with your inputs.

I do have a controller hooked up I'll try unhooking it and let you know how it goes

yep that fixed it 100%


Great! Thank you so much for reporting back.

Thanks again for your help identifying the issue. I have added this to our “Known Issues” section above.